Features and Benefits

One stop shop

One phone call to CLCS and we can organize all your translations, interpreting, cultural and language requirements.

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Our programs have all been designed with the view that our clients are busy people and that we need to accommodate to their schedules. This is why our trainers travel to your office or home, during work hours or after hours. If our students need to travel, we freeze the lesson until their return. We not only want language learning to be a fun and positive experience but also convenient to all participants.



Every one of our clients has specific needs and different styles of learning. We carefully select the course material to suit the individualís needs and adapt our teaching methods to suit your style.



At CLCS all programs are interactive. By hearing and practising authentic everyday speech, your natural ability for language will develop. We believe that development of language control proceeds through creativity, which is nurtured by interactive, participatory activities. 


Project managed  

All programs are monitored to ensure maximum quality. Close contact with trainers and participants ensures a smooth running program. Mid and End program reports are available on request.  However our trainers do prepare fortnightly reports on your progress to enable us to be up to date with your program.



Our native speaker instructors are flexible in their approach, and directly responsive to student learning style and pace. They are encouraged to use imaginative exercises and approaches to help the participants internalise materials and put them into real life practice.


Individual and small group tuition

At CLCS you can learn at a pace and on a schedule that's convenient for you. Individual tuition ensures that you maximise your time both listening to the target language as well as speaking it.

Teams learning a language also have the opportunity to practice speaking and receive individual attention. We offer group courses at convenient, regularly scheduled times.  Group tuition is kept at a maximum of 10 students per class.

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