Foreign Language Programs

CLCS develops language learning solutions that enable social and business communications in today's global market.


Course materials

All language programs include easy to follow language materials. 

A needs analysis will determine the materials purchased depending on the language level and the need of each student. 

Materials will in most cases include cassettes or CD’s to ensure that our students are able to listen to their targeted language in between lessons.


Lesson Schedules

Lesson times will depend entirely on the needs of the individual student or group. We offer the flexibility to accommodate our program to your busy lifestyle. Some students prefer to take time off during work to learn a language whilst others prefer evening lesson in their own home.  It is important for us to also ensure that our trainers are advised with 24 hours notice if lesson times need to be rescheduled.  


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Oral Focus

We create a personal language program tailored to your needs and objectives including the essential grammar and vocabulary required. CLCS offers a verbal approach to language learning. Students are immersed in the target language from the first day.

Grammar is seen as an important component of language competence, but is taught in the context of communication, with exercises focusing on both accuracy and fluency in the language.  


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Cultural Information

Language and culture are interwoven. It is important to us that we combine teaching the language with appropriate use of the language according to the culture.  


“Enjoy learning at your own pace”