Cultural Programs


Travel has become a normal way of life and international communication has become a necessity for many organizations. Professionals working internationally need to be more culturally aware than ever before, if they are to succeed in the world market.


Our aim is to help our clients maximize their business potential at home or overseas and help them develop long lasting business relationships. CLCS provides dynamic interactive programs, which give the participants an informative and practical exposure to their target country.


All one-day programs include a country specific lunch and practical advice on the importance of social etiquette.  

Each course addresses the following topics:

  • Cultural awareness

  • Useful facts

  • History

  • Politics & religion

  • Customs & etiquette

  • Communication skills

  • Business practices

  • Useful expressions

The programs can be tailored to your individual requirements the sessions can be business or family oriented. 


Half day programs are also available.  

clcsol image 5 - Japanese greeting